“HomeScents” for Autumn

Here are some things I purchased today from my fave shop.

Being a candle addict and needing some new autumnal scents, the best place to go is HoneSense. I personally enjoy the haphazard way the candles are all set out because when I find one I love it feels really special, almost like divine intervention that it was meant to be mine.

I got three candles; a Chesapeake Bay Candke in autumn night fall festival 04, which smells light and peppery with like sea salt and manly undertones. Difficult to explain as it sounds quite summery.

The next buy was a SAND + FOG Teakwood candle. Having bought the boy some Teakwood shower gel from Bath & Body Works I adore this smell. It's soft and woody/earthy and it comes in a very sexy black patterned jar which will look better as it burns down.

This one is a Gilded Forest Maple Praline three wick candle and it is STRONG. You can probably guess what it smells like and that is like a buttery vanilla nutty caramel. It's that strong you don't really have to light it. It's just like ice cream! I love the gold glass jar too.

NB: Since publishing this blog, the scent of this one changed. Maybe it was the fact that I wrote the blog late on Saturday evening and hadn't left the room much, but the longer you leave it the more it started to smell like CURRY!! I walked in my room on Sunday morning after breakfast and I honestly didn't know what was causing the spicy smell until I discovered that I couldn't smell ice cream anymore!! As soon as I realised what it was, I packaged it up to return to the store for a refund.

Lastly, perhaps not the most autumnal floral choice but I fell in love with them. The petals feel so realistic and the vase is just gorgeous.

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