How To KEEP Your Hair Looking Healthy

A while ago I wrote a blog on Davines OI shampoo and conditioner and while I still think this range is great, I must follow on with a disclaimer. It does not work continuously and long term (for my hair).

I find that the simplest solution for maintaining healthy looking hair is to change up your products regularly.

If like me you are impatient and can't resist opening a new one when you haven't finished the old one (ahem… the boy hates this as the shower pretty much looks like a section of Superdrug) then you won't have a problem keeping this up!

My suggestion is to buy a couple of cheaper brands; Tresemé is good and so is Aussie but also throw in a couple of high end brands too, like OI or Kerestase. Not only will it make your more expensive products last longer, but it'll also keep your hair looking super shiny and soft.

How often? I would say to change shampoo and conditioner when you see a reduced shine. It can be sooner with some people than others, but I wouldn't change too frequently. Plus, it depends entirely on how often you wash your hair. I'd say that for people who wash their hair once every three days like me, change it every two to three weeks. When you get used to the pattern, you won't have to wait for that one naff hair day.

I wouldn't try doing this if you have a sensitive scalp, as some dermatologists say it can increase scalp issues like dermatitis. Also, I would only stick to brands that you've tried before.

Let me know good shampoos to try in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Chèlle xo

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