MY New York Love Affair with Food

Food, glorious food….

It is the love of my life, I adore looking at it, cooking it and eating it. Especially when I'm on holiday. I eat SO MUCH food that I should be the size of a house. I am careful when I'm at home, I do watch what I eat so I believe that this gives me license to be a little greedy!

While in New York, I never passed up a chance to try something new. Above is few of the foods that I ate while away and in this blog I'll tell you where I went and my favourites.

The first place we went was The View at The Marriot marquee hotel in Times Square. The food was not great. I had fois gras to start, duck for my main and chocolate soufflé for dessert. As I said in my other blog, the menu was fixed price for three courses, so there wasn't any alternative but to have all three. The fois gras, albeit a little controversial was delicious, haven't had it in years. The duck was strange to say the least. Served with "English peas" and what looked AND tasted like pickled onions. I since found out that these are quite rare in America but in England you can pick them up from the corner shop. Not impressed.

Our lunch on Sunday was at Serendipity3, a cafe famed for featuring in the film of the same name. I'd booked a table weeks in advance as I'd read some reviews on trip advisor saying that it can be difficult to get a table at busy times. Lucky I did as there was a queue out the door. The food here wasn't the best. I had a BLT which was on challah bread (a type of sweet bread which had been fried) and it was really chewy and hard. The actual "sandwich" wasn't really made up, it was just left open and I found it awkward to eat. I was so hungry too, so it was disappointing. The Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate made up for it though. We shared it between four of us, but I could've eaten a whole one.

Breakfast opposite our hotel was my first real try of American pancakes at a traditional diner. It was called Park Cafe and it was on the corner of West 55th and 7th Avenue and although I knew about bottomless coffee and seen it in the movies, it was still a surprise to have my cup refilled.

The cheesecakes. We did have more than three lots of Cheesecake I'm sure, but these are the ones I took pictures of. The one on the left was my favourite from Lindy's diner, as it was the more traditional BUT I was annoyed to find that the base was not the buttery graham cracker crust but some type of sponge!!!! The one bottom right didn't even have a crust at all!!! Cheesecake…? Cheapskate more like!!!

Sushi heaven. I promised myself I'd go for sushi in New York and thanks to the hotels free wifi and the google price rating facility I was able to find a $$ place to go (as opposed to a $$$$ place) within walking distance. Ageha Sushi restaurant on 9th Avenue (between 51st & 52nd) was a real find. No wifi whatsoever but the food was amazing and not bad prices. I can't remember what these were exactly. I know that the edamame beans were hot and slightly salted, the dish on the bottom right was mainly tuna and the left was wrapped in beef with Spring onions. Mmmm.

Starbucks. I've always been a Costa girl, but I had a love affair with Starbucks in New York. Particularly, with the half n half. Why or why don't they keep this stuff on the counter with the whole and skimmed milk over here in England? If, like me you love the taste, just ask for half cream and half milk and they'll do it for you. No problem. Even in Costa!

My brother used to work at Sugarburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and so he wanted to take us there for their mean culinary fare. We shared the Canadian poutine (top right) which consisted of battered cheese, spicy fries and gravy and then me and my Mum had the burger on the left between us. The Cheesecake in the top right of the photo above was also from Sugarburg but it had chocolate, caramel and pecans on it.

One of the nights my Bro and his wife and housemates cooked for us. They live up around 180th Street, so it's a bit of a trek uptown, even on the subway it took about half an hour and then another twenty minute walk up a very steep hill! They made up for the walk by cooking traditional Mexican food comprising of tacos with spicy beef, chicken and onion quesadillas, homemade guacamole and a made up dish that my Sister in Laws family make where they take a whole tub of cream cheese (like Philadelphia) and cover it with salsa. You then use tortilla chips to literally dig in! Delish!

One of my favourite breakfasts was from a little diner on Stuyvesant Plaza on Staten Island. Unfortunately I can't remember the name, but I'm sure its written on this table. I had home fries, eggs and turkey bacon with a side of French toast with butter and maple syrup. I did my very best to finish it but it did beat me. I just had to try the French toast though, as it sounded fabulous.

On our last day, my Bro took us to the Brooklyn Star diner. We had biscuits and gravy to share, a mimosa (such a better name than bucks fizz!!) and then I had the fried chicken and waffles with apple butter and OH. My. God. It was amazing!! I put lashings of maple syrup on too, which just added to the flavour.

Take me back to New York!!!!

Let me know your favourite places to eat in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Chèlle xo

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