Sometimes I Lie – Review

You might have already gathered that as you read this I am in New York. I feel rather excited while writing this, as I am sat at my desk at home and my trip is actually in two weeks. I went through rather a speedy binge of books on Audible, so I scheduled them all and this one just happens to post while I am away. But yay, I’m in New York. For more Big Apple adventures, you’ll have to check my other blogs out, but for now I want to tell you about this fab book.

I chose Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney, narrated by Stephanie Rancine and it is another from the (yeap, you guessed it I am back to my old faithful) psychological thriller genre.

It is about a woman in a coma. Hmm. You might think, how is this an interesting read? To be honest with you, it’s pretty slow to get going and I do wonder what is going to happen but it soon ups the ante and there are several twists. The other reviews I have read perhaps made it sound a little more thrillery than it actually is; I wasn’t scared reading it but it is terrifically dark. Alice has a deep imagination and some of the descriptions she writes make me wonder if she’s ever been in a coma? I honestly believe that she has because it does make you understand what it must feel like.

There are three “time zones” and this is what makes the story come together. The book makes you feel lots of emotions, which I love when listening to a novel and it does grip you. Although, like I said it was slow to begin with I couldn’t stop listening to it.

I don’t want to give too much away, but obviously it’s no secret that she is in a coma and she can’t remember what has happened to herself. There were some parts that I felt were unnecessary and there were some parts where I felt like it wasn’t completely explained; for example her relationship with her husband and the connection between him and Claire which I didn’t quite get but it doesn’t seem to affect the direction of the story at all.

Part of the book made you shiver because the backstory is quite disturbing, in fact most of it was unsettling. I am actually glad that it is over and I feel like there may be room for a second one.

I’d give Sometimes I Lie a 3 out of 5. To order this from Amazon, click here. To listen on Audible, click here. Enjoy!

Did I mention I was in New York??? 🙂

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