The Keeper of Lost Things – Review

The recent trend of psychological thrillers was punctuated by this choice: The Keeper of Lost Things, written  by Ruth Hogan and narrated by Jane Collingwood and Sandra Duncan.

Ruth Hogan is such an interesting writer, her style is unique. She is clearly a fan of alliteration, which was included regularly throughout the book. It made me smile. It wasn’t too over the top, like she didn’t use it in every sentence but it was casually popped in now and again, whenever the characters were describing something. I think anyone who knows about and loves writing will appreciate the little added effort she went to here.

The book is about a woman who works as a housekeeper for an old man who basically keeps all of the lost things he’s found over the years. It isn’t a standard story, as a lot of it centres around the make believe but it was a cute and entertaining story from start to finish. From what I read about the book, a lot of people didn’t like the character of Laura, but I didn’t find her irritating. She was perhaps a little mean at times, but this was overcome and it didn’t necessarily hold the character back or make her too disliked in my opinion. I did think her treatment of the little girl harsh at time, but it’s only frowned upon given the circumstances. I think if anyone was pestering me too much, I’d want to hide away and not answer the door too, regardless of who they were!

I found the story nice and breezy and not too predictable, although I was surprised that I didn’t guess the connection sooner.

You think that the two timelines aren’t in any way connected until quite close to the end, but then that’s a little stupid of me to assume as of course they’re included in the story for a reason. I really didn’t like Bomber’s sister at all and her story line didn’t seem to have much point to it. I found the narrator of this part fascinating, her voice was true to the era and remarkable. I loved Eunice and felt very sorry for her because of how she chose to live her life. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve read it.

Generally this was a very feel good novel with a lovely ending. I’d recommend it to be made into a film, as I can imagine that Tim Burton would do it justice!

I give this book a 3.5 out of 5. To purchase The Keeper of Lost Things in normal book form, click here. To get it on Audible, click here.


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