I Let You Go – Review

After reading Clare Macintosh’s second novel, I just had to read her debut and it did not disappoint. It was narrated by David Thorpe and Julia Barry and they both did a pretty good job, but out of the two I did prefer Julia’s role more. Her voice is just so creamy. Odd word to describe a voice, but you will understand when you listen to her, she’s just got that perfect tone. My favourite female narrator is Finty Williams, but Julia Barry comes a very close second.

The novel grips you right from the start and there is a massive twist in it about half way through, which for me made me return to the start of the book online and physically re-read the first two chapters. It hit me hard and I couldn’t get my head around it at all so be prepared and concentrate. Having said that though, even if you concentrated, you’ll still be like, “WHAT?”

I loved the main character and her story is really interesting. David Thorpe’s narration is more complex, as he is reading two main parts along with supporting characters, but it is portrayal of Ian which makes my blood run cold. He is brilliant at reading Ian and you can just imaging this person from the way he reads. Chilling, but amazing.

The story, as you will gather from any synopsis you read starts with a tragedy which tears a woman’s life apart and she moves away to begin again. It obviously all catches up with her, but it’s just the way it is written. I love her little cottage and her life just seems effortlessly perfect, even though she has pretty much nothing.

It is well worth a listen to, as I don’t think you could do the characters as much justice in your head.

A brilliant debut novel. I would recommend that others read them in the order I did, as this one is clearly the better out of the two and I think I would have been somewhat disappointed if I had left I See You until after this.

I’d give I Let You Go a 5 out of 5. If you want to purchase the book, click here and if you want to get it on Audible, click here. Enjoy!!


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