The Couple Next Door – Review


The Couple Next Door, written by Shari Lapena and narrated by Kirsten Potter.

I found this one difficult to get into at first due to the slightly grating voice of  Kirsten, but I soon got used to it. After listening to quite a few British authors of late, it was a contrast to an American one took a little time to get accustomed.

The story itself was quite interesting, although I found it a little predictable. You know the feeling when you’re watching a film and you meet a new character, you know that they have introduced them for a reason. Well, the list of characters in this book was quite short so I did jump to some correct conclusions.

I found the female lead in the book quite insipid and pathetic at times, which again annoyed me. She was just very whingey, although the theme of the book was heart wrenching so obviously she was upset for those reasons and I could understand.

The story centres around the investigations into a missing child who was taken from her home in the middle of the night. It is mostly written from the third person, with a few insights into the parents minds where it is written from their perspective.

It is a whodunit story with no real twist. It isn’t too long either, so if you just want to get through it quickly, you can.

I also fond the ending quite rushed, as if Shari couldn’t think of another way to end the book. It does leave an opening for another, so I suppose she did it for this reason. I imagine that would be a slightly more challenging project for her.

I wasn’t as impressed with this one, so I would give The Couple Next Door a 2 out of 5.

To purchase the audio book, visit Audible here. To buy a paperback, visit Amazon.

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