Vintage Girls Day

My friend Cheryl arranged a vintage salon day at Le Keux Vintage Salon in the Custard factory, Birmingham back in February and the day finally arrived after months of group whatsapp messages sharing dress and hair style ideas.

Cheryl had been a couple of times before so she already knew what to expect.

The place itself is easy to find. The Custard Factory has been developed over recent years and there’s so much more going on there, with lots of niche artsy shops and it’s not too far to walk into the main shopping area in the centre of town. 

The day we had planned involved having our hair done accompanied by tea and coffee, which they laid on for us (or just plenty of bubbly, which we were allowed to bring in) and then a cocktail masterclass. For an idea of other options  on offer and of course costs, click here

The place itself is a lot smaller than I imagined and it’s decked out with traditional 1940’s 1950’s decor and furniture.

It actually feels like you’ve stepped back in time. There are dresses you can buy and there’s also a dressing up room which you can use for a small charge. 

I loved the general feel of the place, which was very personal. Our group had the run of the place from 2:30 pm until they closed at 5 pm. Although a nice touch, it realistically wouldn’t be feasible to have more than one large group at a time. 

The ladies who work there obviously love there jobs and are very talented in creating all manner of lovely hairstyles for us. Both Cheryl and myself opted for the full vintage hair styling as opposed to the “taster” which was a half up do. If you’re going to have a taster, I would recommend curling your hair beforehand as they won’t do that. In fact, for a few loose curls to be added it would cost you an additional £12, which compared to the additional £17 for the full experience seemed a little expensive. I don’t know their standpoint on using plug sockets to use your own equipment, so it’s best to call them and ask. I do know that they don’t allow you to use their equipment (probably for health and safety reasons). 

Cheryl having her hair done. 

After we’d all had our hair done, we were allowed to pose and take photos around the premises. The ladies were obviously used to this and did not mind being photographer for us which was really sweet. You can book a photo shoot, which is a good option if you’re looking for the whole experience plus two fully edited photos to treasure. 

After the selfies, we did the cocktail masterclass, which was fun but you don’t get to choose which ones. The ones chosen for us on the day were; white lady, cosmopolitan and tequila sunrise. 

We all really enjoyed the day at Le Keux Vintage Salon and would return. It’s a fabulous day out for all occasions. 

Thanks for reading.

Chelle xo

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