I See You – Review

If I lived in London, I would be crapping my pants right about now! This story was absolutely brilliant. It had me on the edge of my seat, a real whodunnit story with plenty going on. 

It is written by the talented Clare Mackintosh and narrated by Rachel Atkins. 

It centres Zoe Walker, a 40 year old mother of two adult children (the first through an unplanned teen pregnancy). This aspect of the story did make me feel a little depressed as being three years older than me she is portrayed as grumpy and past it. I would say I am the opposite and plan to stay that way right into my late middle age!

Anyway, Zoe sees a photo of herself in the classsified section of a local newspaper and it all spirals from there, how it affects Zoe is really well described almost as if Clare has been through something like that herself, casting doubts on the slightest thing; a look or someone behind you in the street.

It’s the idea that someone took the photo without her knowledge and the way it touches on social media and stalking. Really worrying things in this era with everything being so open and public. It really makes you want to batten down the hatches, tighten up your social media and make sure your front door is dead locked when you go to bed at night. 

I’ve recently discovered thriller novels as it makes a nice change from the usual chick lit that I have read in the past. 

This was well written and a good storyline. Rachel did an excellent job reading as Zoe (albeit making her sound like she’s more 55/60 than a mere 40).

I’d give I See You a 4 out of 5 and I’ve already purchased my next Clare Mackintosh novel. Can’t wait to start it! 

To purchase the audio book, visit Audible here. To buy a paperback, visit Amazon.

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