Midweek Mooch

Today was a surprisingly lovely day considering the weather forecast had said light rain. You know the feeling when you’ve planned a day off and you’re literally at the sheer mercy of whatever the weather decides it wants to subject you to. I had planned on it either way but so happy I could be outside.

Me and the boy often take a Thursday off to do something fun. My Thursdays are always in lieu of Saturday (as I work one in four) so he takes the day off too do we can still do something together. Ahh sweet. He works for himself, so it’s easy. He can usually work around our plans with very few interruptions. Handy. 

Today we travelled about 30 minutes to Coventry, which is very misunderstood as most people skate it. Ever heard the old fashioned phrase of being “sent to Coventry” which meant that someone was ignoring you. Well, it had to transpire from somewhere. I think you need to LIVE in Coventry to really notice the little hidden jewels. My best friend, Louisa used to go to Uni there, so I spent some time with her finding them. 

It was Louisa who recommended the Fargo Village to us. 

To be honest with you, the website doesn’t thrill you. It doesn’t make you think “ooh let’s go there” at all. If it wasn’t for Louisa sending me her pictures, I’d have no clue how fab it really is. Not to mention especially nice on a quiet and gloriously sunny midweek day. 

The boy is often treating me to little surprises. In fact, he recently presented me with three envelopes, each containing a fun activity. I had to pick one!

There were two really good days out and a “booby prize”. The booby prize however, turned out to be lunch and cocktails so I don’t know how that constitutes as a consolation… but I’d have been happy with that! The actual winning day out was a day at Drayton Manor theme park but after the recent tragedy there, we’re waiting until the dust settles before we actually go. Tickets are booked though, so watch this space. Exciting and ever so romantic of him. 

Needless to say, today was all about him so whatever we did was my treat.

We had a good look at all of the interesting stalls and shops, we went into “not just jams” because  it sold cheese and chutneys and they also had such a cute little dog in there called Albie, or Albus Dumbledog (check him out on instagram). 

I treated myself to a jar of red onion marmalade and noticed that Albie went and sat by the till rather expectantly. The lady then told me that when it’s quiet he thinks that someone is buying one of “his” products (a range of dog treats, neck ties and bandanas etc) because when someone does buy something of his, he gets a biscuit. How could I resist going and checking them out too! I came away with these goodies…

Harvey will absolutely love his new bow tie and the peanut butter biscuits! Not going to lie, they actually smelt fantastic!

Next stop was a drink and after being told about the luxurious milkshakes from the American style diner, it was very tempting to make a beeline for it but we decided on a Bubble Bobs drink, which we’d both never tried.

The lady in there was so helpful and let us try samples. I went for an iced apple tea with mango and passion fruit bubbles. The boy had a cherry tea with blueberry bubbles. Both really yummy! The boy said mine tasted like “nice” soap. 

For food, there’s quite a few choices. You can either have naughty things from choc and roll (including one of my favourites… Churros – which sadly is only available Friday to Sunday), handmade chocolates and other treats. Spangles American Diner for the usual burgers and milkshakes, Nicky’s Totally Vegan, or Leave it to Esmie Caribbean restaurant, which after seeing several Jamaican people enter was deemed as a very good choice for our lunch.

Our thinking was that it must be good food if they want to eat there!! You’re always onto a winner when you see people who appear to be of the same origin as the food frequenting the restaurants!!

The boy opted for the Caribbean chicken burger and I had ackee and saltfish. So delicious!! The boys burger was one of the nicest I’ve ever had and it wasn’t too spicy either. Turtle Bay is highly spiced food and it isn’t always enjoyable. This place is a clear winner. 

After lunch, we had another little mooch around enjoying the sunshine and the artwork. 

Last stop was Dashing Blades Barbershop for a little beard tidy up (for the boy obviously, my beard is tidy already)!

Would recommend a trip out to the Fargo Village if you’re local and definitely seeing what else is good in Coventry. We were going to pop to a restaurant just down the road called Habibi which specialises in middle eastern food. Louisa and I used to go there a lot years ago and it’s really worth checking out. Sadly is wasn’t open until 4 pm today and we needed to be back home for Harvey. 

Here he is in his new bow tie! Handsome boy!

Thanks for reading. 

Chèlle xo

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