The Husbands Secret – Review

The Husbands Secret_Cleaned10

I recently read, or rather listened to The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty, which was narrated by Caroline Lee.

I use Audible regularly and get one free book per month for a small subscription fee (I think this is £7.99, but you get a free trial). It is a great way to read without having to physically hold a book. Plus, think how great on holiday when you can lie back and listen in the sun without having to hold that damn book up blocking the sun to your face! Perfect idea!

I find that I never get the time to read properly because I prefer doing other things, as you can see from my social media, I am far too creative to sit down with a book. This isn’t to say that I don’t read actual books, as before I discovered Audible I would do just that but it would take me months to consume the average paperback (with a few exceptions *cough* Harry Potter).

By using Audible, I get to “read” in the car and when I take Harvey for a walk. The times before when I used to catch the train in to work where I could bring my book to occupy my time on the commute have been replaced by quite a lot of time driving and then during the day to and from my various appointments.

This book was a real “page turner” though, I could not stop listening to it. It centres around Cecilia, with her perfect life and her perfect children, going about her day to day activities and while her husband is away on business she finds a letter addressed to her that says “to be opened only in the event of my death”.

I think this in itself is enough to capture your curiosity, but the story entwines three characters and how their lives are linked.

Set in Australia, it focusses on Cecilia, Tess and Rachel: Cecilia being a woman in her early 40’s, with three children and the main character in the novel whose life is changed when she finds the letter. Tess is late 30’s I presume and a married mother of one who finds herself and her circumstances changed but gets to learn a lot about herself during this time, and then Rachel, a woman in her 60’s with a very sad past and present who finds it difficult to let other people in to her life.

All three women’s stories are told in sequence and from each woman’s perspective. The writing is fresh and good and I liked the way that Liane tells the story as if you’re watching a movie. This book could very easily be turned into a screenplay.

Definitely worth a read!

I would give this book a 4 out of 5 rating.

To purchase the audio book, visit Audible here. To buy a paperback, visit Amazon.

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