Canal Boat Ride

Canals are underrated, as a lot of the time they run through big cities and are linked to dodgy goings on and dumped rubbish, but there are part of the country where canals can be spectacularly beautiful and great for a day out.

I am lucky to live near one and I have often taken my pup for a walk down the canal because you will find that there are pubs interspaced along the way. I don’t know the history of why this is, but I imagine that back in the day when the canal was a main form of transport that they built the pubs as a way of getting business from the local tradespeople.

If you live near a canal, have a little look to see what pubs are situated along the route and plan yourself a little walk out on a nice day.

My best friend, Louisa lives in Leamington Spa and she suggested that we had a day out and go on a canal boat ride. The trip we took can’t be booked, however if you’re local to Warwickshire you could book one here in Stratford Upon Avon. We started the day at Akamba in Solihull where her children got to hold all of the reptiles and snakes and we had a bite to eat in their restaurant. For more information on Akamba, click here.


Louisa’s partner has quite a bit of involvement with the Sydni Centre, a community centre based in Leamington and they had a May Festival on at the weekend. Part of this festival was a free canal ride run by a local boat owner and these were the pictures I took of our trip.


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