My 5 Handbag Favourites

If you’re anything like me your handbag is full of junk, not to mention the fluff and bits right at the bottom that always seem to go right up your finger nail. Gross. Ok just me then?

Well, in amongst all of that I have my general handbaggy stuff. I’ll do a “what’s in my bag” blog soon but my ultimate favourite items are the ones which always make an appearance. 

1. NYX Dark Circle Concealer

I love this stuff. On the days when I don’t drink as much water as I should this gives my under eyes a pick me up. The colour of it is like a peachy orange pink and it conceals the darkness by counteracting the colour, much the same as those green corrector pens conceal redness. Amazing! 

2. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment 

Ever since I worked in skincare I’ve been told never to use Vaseline on my lips. It does no good at all except trick your skin into feeling nourished and then it stops nourishing itself. This balm is wonderful. It’s made from fermented Papaya and comes from Australia. The texture is very similar to Vaseline but it hasn’t dried my lips out when I stop using it. I keep some in my handbag and by my bed. You can use it for loads of different things, like burns and cracked skin. I use it on my cuticles and also on my eyelids for that dewy finish. 

3. Liz Earl Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritz

Perfect for when you need to cool down or give your skin a little pick me up. It has a natural smell and it’s really fresh. 

4. Hot Couture by Givenchy

This has been my “go to” fragrance for about 15 years and will always be my favourite. It’s a gorgeous scent. Givenchy threatened to discontinue this about five years ago but I can always get it at the perfume shop and now it’s started to come back to major stores. Thrilled. Of course it may just be excess stock but here’s hoping!! Givenchy described the perfume as playful, soulful and meaningful. A raspberry note threads its way through the veil of amber vetiver and voluptuous magnolia with a discreet touch of pepper.

5. Clear Hair Tie Bands

I’m actually running out of these, which when you look at the size of the bag is nigh on impossible because there are HUNDREDS of them, but trust me these little suckers get lost!! Also they can only be used once really so it’s not too impossible – I exaggerate! I use these because my hair is blonde at the ends and I need something less clunky and obvious. With my hair also being thick, I can’t use these to put my whole hair up but they suit for small plaits, half up do’s of fish tail braids. 

What are your five favourite handbag items?

Chelle xo

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