Cranberry & Macadamia Bites

I love the Eat Natural cranberry and macadamia bars. They’re delicious. My boss absolutely loves them too so I figured since I had some macadamias left over from my cookie blog I’d make some! 

I’m not going to set this out as a recipe as I didn’t measure anything but it’s really easy so long as you have the following ingredients: rice crispies, coconut flakes, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, dried cranberries, honey, dark chocolate and coconut oil you’ll be fine. 

I’m not fussy about honey, I don’t think it matters if you buy the cheaper stuff as you can see I have Tesco Value here. Honey is honey. 

I start by measuring one cup of rice crispies into a mixing bowl and I added half of the bag of cranberries. 

I then put the rest of the macadamia nuts into a bag and bashed them with a rolling pin. You may need to use the end of the rolling pin for accuracy as I split the bag by being too heavy handed. 

Next you want to do the same for the Brazil nuts except that I have only added about a quarter of a cup of them (this is a half cup so you can see it isn’t full).

I did also measure out the coconut and I added just over a quarter of a cup of it. 

This is how much honey I had left in the jar, even though I’d bought a new one specially. I ended up using nearly all of this. 

Mix in the honey a little at a time until combined. 

Line a tin with grease proof paper and spoon in. 

Use a metal spoon to press down, around the edges especially. 

I used 70% cocoa dark chocolate or “bitter sweet” as they’d say in the US. I melted it using a Bain Marie. 

I decided pretty much last minute to add coconut oil because you always find that chocolate is so difficult to get out of the container. Adding oil softens it, also giving it a nice texture. Plus, it still sets hard.

This is how much coconut oil I had left so I added all of it. I think it would be probably be just under a tablespoon.

As you can see it melts right in with no watery messiness.

It creates a creamy chocolate which spreads much further. 

Spoon the chocolate over the bite mixture. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough to cover it. I think the drizzle looks better. 

Once done, refrigerate for about an hour, or longer. 

Slice into squares and enjoy. 

Chelle xo

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