African Sunday Funday At Abamba

This place is wicked. If you fancy a day out where it feels like you’re on holiday then go here! 

It’s basically a restaurant with a garden/nature centre attached where you can touch and hold the reptiles and spiders (£4 entrance fee to the reptile house).

They have a whole range of animals made from metal, some quite spectacular in size. 

It’s all enclosed with grass fencing and you can either eat in the main hut or outside, there’s plenty of tables. 

It’s perfect for kids too, as they have a sandpit. We went at lunch time on a Sunday and we didn’t book but there were plenty of tables. 

They have evening entertainment most weekends which looks like fun. I think most of it is appropriate for the venue, so likely to be ska or reggae music. Check out their upcoming events here.

It was fun to walk around in the sunshine and look at the different plants and metal animals. 

Some of them were for sale. 

We were hungry so decided to get some food. We both had lambpatties, which were made of pastry with a spicy filling.  

This is the restaurant. It’s quite dark inside and the lights hang really low. There’s a stage and a bar with a coffee shop next to it selling all kinds of yummy cakes. We went for a slice of zucchini and lime cake. FYI Zucchini is what Americans call courgettes.

I also went for a spicy African coffee called Kahawa Swahili. It had a lovely flavour and when they say spicy, it isn’t hot it’s just fragrant. A think it has cardamom in it, but not sure. 

After food, we wandered into the tropical house where we were surprised to find a garden with birds flying and a cute little tortoise just wandering around!

I also held some reptiles! I am a snake lover and I adore all kinds of creatures like this. 

This is a tree frog. His feet felt soft and cool, a little like the slime stuff we used to play with as kids. He was a sweetie. 

This is a gecko. His tail hadfallen off before he came to them. Apparently they can shed it when they’re threatened. His feet were sticky but not wet. 

This is a boa constrictor. She was gorgeous and so cool to the touch and smooth. Some people think snakes are slimy but they’re not at all. 

This guy is a beaut. He’s a chameleon and his claws are quite firm. As you can see below he’s really gripping my thumb. Bless him. 

He even ate a cricket while being held. His tongue was really pink and fat. I was surprised by it. I expected it to be more like a snakes tongue. 

I also held this little fella. A real live tarantula!! I have to say, as an arachnophobic I wasn’t thrilled about it but faced my fear and it wasn’t too bad (for all of about five seconds)!

As we left, there were a bunch of birds outside. They actually caused white a fuss in the car park as no one could leave because they kept wandering around! 

I think that the beautiful weather made it even nicer because it genuinely felt like we were on holiday. To get directions, click here.


Chelle xo

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