Fireplace Happy

So I have a fireplace. It’s a real one but I’ve never used it. I know, shocking! So I thought it was about time that changed. 

If you’re local to Warwickshire the you need to contact Sootbusters and they’ll sort you out. 

They were done in less than an hour and my chimney was swept all nice and clean. Remember you’ll need a CO2 alarm for solid fuel consumption (to comply with regs if you’re renting or just safety if you’re not). 

I was very happy and surprised to see the old-fashioned chimney sweeper and even more happy when he said he’d tell me when it was poking out the top of the chimney, so I could go and take a picture. 

They recommended Gibbs Brothers at Fenn End for supplies so the boy and I took a trip out. We got Homefires smokeless coal (I live in a smoke free zone). For £13 I was all set with firefighters, kindling and a massive 25kg bag of coal. I already had some dry logs. If you don’t then you’ll need those too.

To light a fire, lay a layer of kindling and then a few pieces of firefighters. Cover with more kindling and then a little newspaper, light it up and add coal on top. The smokeless coal will take a while to catch but when it does you’ll be set to put some logs on top. 

Absolute heaven! The boy and I had a very cozy evening toasting some marshmallows.

Chelle xo

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