Seeing What All the Fuss Is About… Davines OI Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair type is past shoulder length, thick and somewhat dry as it is currently balayage (highlighted at the mid and ends and natural at the roots). I find it easy to style by blow drying with a round brush and I rarely use excessive heat on it and I never use straighteners. I also have a few… and I say few… ahem grey hairs. 

I thought I’d try this range of hair care products because I’d seen Zoella talking about it and also read Poppy Deyes post about it.

I will repeat some of the things she said for your benefit in case you don’t read her review, but I’ll also add some extra info which she missed out and that I feel is important when considering buying it:

The price… It is mid range coming in at £16.00 got the shampoo and £17.50 for the conditioner from Cult Beauty. It isn’t what I’d call expensive, as I have spent more on hair care but I wouldn’t be happy if I caught the boy using it after football!

The shampoo bottle is smaller than I expected (280ml) and it has a wide top, but because the product is thin it doesn’t help because if you’re not careful then a lot will come out. It does makes it easy to pour back in should that happen though!

The consistency of the shampoo is quite sticky; when you rub it between your hands you don’t feel like you’re losing any, as normal shampoo sometimes drips. This one doesn’t. 

I only really shampoo my roots and let the suds work their way to the ends. It stops my hair becoming excessively dry and I also save on shampoo… plus I have heard that this is what you should do. This stuff lathers quite well but I do find the second application does lather better (standard).

The smell: it isn’t the loveliest if I’m honest but it’s not bad. It’s a bit like Johnsons baby lotion but stronger. My Mom (who is a hairdresser) said it smells like old fashioned cold cream. They clearly haven’t spent unnecessary money in making it smell like flowers or coconuts. I believe the smell is because it contains roucou oil, an Amazonian extract derived from the fruit of the achiote. Apparently it’s 100 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots.

I don’t know about you, but when something doesn’t smell absolutely amazing it makes me think it actually must work! 

The conditioner tub is the standard 250ml size which is good as I need to use more if this than shampoo (I have a lot of hair). It is thick and the same smell, which might sound like an obvious thing but you never know some of them smell slightly different.

It has a very creamy texture and stays on your hands. It’s not watery at all, so this is different from my usual conditioners. Even though my hands were wet, it didn’t budge. You have to be careful where you apply it and I found I had to squeeze it into my hair so each strand was coated. It says to leave it on for “a few minutes” but I just showered and shaved my legs and then rinsed it. 

Overall, I find that this stuff works. My hair is shiny and silky, I was actually really surprised. My hair does tend to be quite smooth after blow drying with my normal shampoo but this stuff is great!! I’ve even used Olaplex treatment and would go as far as to say that this is better. I also don’t think it matters on what hair type you have. In fact, I think if your hair is in better condition than mine it will be shinier and softer!

Excuse the no make up look. Hopefully you can see the shininess in these photos…

Chelle xo

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