The Boy’s 40th Birthday!

My boy is 40! His actual birthday was the other week, so I thought I’d share a little snippet of what I did for him for his big day.

We don’t live together yet, which I found a HUGE relief in planning this whole thing because the last thing I wanted was having to try to get him out of the house… or snooping.

I ordered a helium tank from Amazon, which got delivered to the house one day while I was at work. Upon seeing the delivery notification email I went into panic mode because my porch is south facing and it was quite a sunny day!!! I had visions of coming home to no porch. I’m not 100% certain how helium reacts to heat, but I wasn’t planning on experimenting. I text my neighbour and luckily she was home and was able to take it to safety. 

He’s noticed the box lying around and assumed it was one of his birthday presents. He’s been eyeing it suspiciously and I’ve been chuckling to myself because it was throwing the scent off what I’d actually got him. 

I’d also purchased 50 blue and white balloons, 40 of which I filled with helium and attached string to. UMM… Little tip when using helium with standard balloons… they only last 12 HOURS! So, it didn’t actually help matters that I became overly excited two days before his birthday and blew them… all… up.

By the morning half were dead and by the evening they were all on the floor… Whoops. 

Luckily, there’s a party shop near to where I work, so I went and hired another damn helium tank! I’d recommend the shop for all things balloon related. It’s called One Stop Party Shop. I also purchased a large silver 4 and 0. 

I inflated and linked the normal balloons (on the correct day this time) together and festooned the front of my house with them although, I only had 30 now… He didn’t notice!

I felt a bit like that little old man from Up!!

As for gifts, I wanted to spoil him. About a year ago he bought me a pair of Christian Louboutins, so I wanted him to feel extra special and with it being the big FOUR OH and all. 

I bought him a Fila tracksuit top from 80’s Casual Classics online. He’s been going on about his love of vintage sportswear for a while now, so I was sure he’d guessed!

One thing he HAD guessed was that I bought him some Addidas World Cup football boots. He didn’t guess that I’d had them personalised with his surname though!

This next and last gift was a bit of a wildcard. He used to wear Attitude by Armani, but it’s been discontinued (much to our utter horror). He’d been wearing Invictus, which is okay but not amazing.

I’d read another blog post (forgive me I can’t remember which one) where she mentioned her partner being an amazing shopper and that he’d recently purchased Oud by Acqua di Parma… so I thought I’d go check it out.

It is lush… With a lush price tag too!!! I couldn’t quite believe it when the area manager told me the price was £170.00… but then added, “but isn’t he worth it?” – My answer of course was YES, OF COURSE!!

I also made him an unusual brthday cake. He absolutely LOVES this old school pudding from school called chocolate concrete cake, so I made this…

Armed with his gifts I waited patiently for him to come round!

I’d rung him while he was on his way, as I couldn’t actually physically see his reaction. I wanted to at least hear it. 

He was so surprised, I think his words were “what the hell is all that? Oh that’s not embarrassing at all. Haha”!

After opening his prezzies, I bundled him into the car for part two and three of his celebrations.

We went to an ice cream parlour in Stratford upon Avon called Hoorays, where I’d planned to treat him to the biggest ice cream sundae he wanted (or whatever else).

We both opted for the waffle with ice cream and cream and a topping. I secretly snuggled a candle in my bag, so asked them to pop it on for me. Of course they were happy to. 

Rum & Raisin with Chocolate Sauce 

Ferrero Rocher withCaramel Sauce 

HotChocolate with a shot of Kahlúa 

After filling our faces with ice cream, we walked down to the river where I’d hired a motor boat from Avon Boating. We “set sail” on the river  with him in the captains seat and took a rather sedate trip down past the big houses and countryside! I’m sure our boat wasn’t as fast as the others! 

Our little “slow”  boat!

El Capitan!

Half way along I surprised him with two champagne flutes and a bottle of Peroni. It may sounds strange to toast with Peroni, but it means a lot to him. 

I even had a go! Yay!

On the way back, we stopped off at the Kings Arms for a share platter. We can’t resist these, they’re amazing. 

Later in the evening, we went to his favourite Indian restaurant (although we were still very full from the platter) and then to a gathering of all his friends and our families at our local pub. As it was his special birthday I just wanted to focus on him and so I didn’t take any pictures of that. 

Needless to say we were both hungover and thankful it was the weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Chelle xo

PS: If you want to know the somewhat amusing fate of the balloons, click over to my instagram and you’ll see. Complete fail! Hilarious!

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  1. What a wonderful birthday, you’ve planned! He’s lucky with a girlfriend like you!! I also used to do that, but after 11 years, the inspiration has a bit dried up haha! He also doesn’t do that for me either… So I just didn’t bother anymore… xoxo Sarah


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