Want Eyelashes Like A Camel?

I’ve been using this serum for about three years and I cannot rate it more highly. Please note that this product takes perseverance and it’s no use if you not very good at sticking with something, so please do factor this in before you buy it. 

It is called GrandeLashMD and it is a pure miracle in a tube. It’s around £45 but it lasts you about 4-6 months.

You put it on every morning and evening along the lash line (the same way you’d apply eyeliner) and after about 6-8 weeks you’ll see a dramatic difference in your eyelashes. I’m talking a HUGE difference!! I’ve told several friends and colleagues about this product and the ones who have tried it are literally hooked.


You may notice a slight stinging sensation when you first use it but that’s normal. I think it is just your eye getting used to it, but you put anything around your eyes and it may sting if it gets in. 

Keep it up and you’ll have beautiful long lashes with no need for falsies. If I want that false lash effect, I just wear mascara.

Day to day I just don’t wear it (unless I haven’t tinted them in a while) but when I do wear mascara, I find it hard to wear my sunglasses because my lashes poke out too much!

Freshly tinted. No mascara

Go get some!!

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