Primark Haul & Lazy Sunday

It’s a B.E.A.utiful day here in the U.K. so I thought I’d sit outside with a nice Spanish omelette, croissant and cup of coffee and write this Primark Haul blog. Ok, so I may have eyes far to big for my belly but I was hungry when I cooked it all!!

This morning I popped down to Chadwick End to see an allotment. I had one briefly last year but for some reason we weren’t allowed sheds, so I had to either leave my tools there or cart them with me each time. Not ideal! The idea of having a shed just seems so kitch and I love the idea of having a little camping stove and some tea bags in there for breaks (plenty of breaks). Heaven!

Well, it was awful! It was really overgrown and it was the only plot without a shed! Gutted! Needless to say I’ll be saying no to this one. 

Anyway, I digress. Yesterday, I took my mom to Coventry to go to Primark. If you read my what I eat in a day post then you’ll already know. 

Primark in Coventry isn’t great if I’m honest. It looks huge, but there’s only three floors and two of them are men’s and kids. There’s not even a homewear section! That said, I still managed to find some nice bits and bobs.

The first thing I picked up were these high waisted skinny jeans. They’re so comfortable and fit really well and an absolute steal for £8.00! I’ve had them on all day today and they feel just as nice on as leggings. I have a large bottom for my height (I’m only 5’0.75″ and yes the 0.75″ is important) so I do have to pull them up still but it’s better than doing a builders bum every time I sit down!

I teamed it with this nautical shirt with anchors on it. It’s open slightly at the neck. This was £10.00 and you can either tuck it in or leave it out as it goes lower at the back. It has folded up sleeves with a button. 

FYI – I got these pumps from H&M ages ago but they have them in every year. They’re a staple. It depends on my look, whether I wear these or my white converse. 

I picked up this tee shirt in navy and white stripes. This will look lovely with my dungarees or just tucked into jeans. This was £3.00.

I also bought this top because I loved the fruits! This is a much looser fit and it was £6.00. The fabric is so light. 

I picked up some scrunchies too. £2.00 for a pack of three and £1.50 for the blue one. I love using these, particularly when I wear my hair curly because it keeps it together without causing a kink. Plus, scrunchies have been successful in making a huge comeback. 

I’ve never had one of these as an adult before, but I bought myself a backpack! It was £9.00 and its dinky enough to fit my essentials, plus a little extra. I’ll be using it this week when I take the boy on his 40th birthday day out. It’s all very hush hush at the moment but there will be a post about it!

Lastly, but by no means least I bought some fake tan. £6.00 and then £3.00 for the mitt. 

I haven’t tried it yet, but I thought I’d go for the healthier option instead of going on sun beds. I used to frequent them a few years ago, but I’ve decided to take better care of my skin. 

If you fancy a trip out to Primark, you can find your local store here. I have heard that the Bristol one is fab!!

Happy shopping! xo

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    1. Thank you, Aoife. I’m sorry it took so long to reply. I didn’t realise there was an unread comment. Yes, it was a nice day. We’re getting more of them now which is great! The weather has been poo! x


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