What I Eat In A Day

As a foody I love to cook different things and eat loads, but as a slimming world member I do try to watch what food I do eat and especially how I cook it. Obviously my cakes recipes aren’t adapted for slimming world but as they say…

So in this blog I am going to tell you what I eat in a average day and as my choice of day, I’m picking a Saturday because I have more control over my food at the weekend.

Weekdays are regularly busy, because a lot of the time I don’t make my lunch and I’m often out of the office on appointments. Most days I’m even ashamed to say I do skip breakfast, but this makes breakfast time at the weekend even more special.

I’m also not a vegetarian or vegan, but I DO  enjoy cooking a lot of vegan dishes. Niomi Smart’s book Eat Smart has some great recipes. I absolutely love her version of shepherds pie, where she uses lentils and walnuts with sweet potato. Plus I never actually thought before, but some of my favourite foods of all time are vegan, particularly comfort foods like mashed potato and chips or simply just a stewed apple with fruit and sugar. Yum!

As for what I eat in a day…

For breakfast this morning, I had tomatoes with bacon on toast. One of my faves. I fry the tomatoes with a little salt and pepper and I trim all the fat off the bacon.

It is delicious! I must admit I use butter (a huge weakness for me) but it is so much better than margerine.

As it was Grand National day I had to have an ice cream and it is traditionally the first ice cream of the year. I’m not on about those magnum ice creams which I don’t consider a “summer” ice cream. I’m talking about a proper ice cream. I went for a twister!

In the afternoon, I decided to take my mom into Coventry to go have a mooch around Primark. Check out my Primark Haul post. So we parked in Westgate and low and behold there was a woman offering samples of these pretzel bites. So delicious!

We bought a pot to share!

When I got home, it was such a nice day so the boy and I cracked open a bottle of prosecco to enjoy in the garden.

While I was cooking our dinner I decided to make some Easter nests. I melted chocolate. Cadbury’s of course.

I crumbled shredded wheat.

I added a small amount of vegetable oil to the chocolate (makes it go further) and mixed with an electric whisk.

Spooned into cases…

Added some mini eggs. Et voila!

For dinner, I roasted some potato wedges with salt and paprika.

I steamed asparagus in the microwave.

I fried filet steak in fry light.

I fried langoustines.

Surf n turf!!!

After dinner, we had one of these each!


Harvey wanted it!!

A bit later on, I wanted a snack so I had some apple with almond butter. It’s so crisp and fresh because of the fruit but naughty too.


Thanks for reading.

Chelle xo

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