My Favourite Bath Products

I love taking baths, but once I am in it I can’t normally stay in there for long! I always find that this is one of life’s ultimate contradictions and I don’t suppose I am alone.

I always find that it helps me to relax and enjoy it more when I have something to occupy myself with, like a book or a something to watch or listen to.

Books and baths generally don’t mix well, neither do electronics and baths for that matter. I’d rather drop a book in my bath than something that might electrocute me, so I set my iPad up somewhere safe away from my bath and use wireless speakers. I would recommend anyone wanting to watch a film in the bath to set their device up safely.

As for bath products, you cant beat Lush!

Now I was slightly late to the Lush party, although I have been using them for a good few years. The company was actually founded in 1995, which really shocked me! I just remember the smell wafting down the high street from the store, although it doesn’t smell as strong when you go in. Trust me!

Admittedly, my Lush stash is running a little low, but I do like to lay it all out in front of me to decide what I want to use.

My favourites are; the Milky Bath and What a Sweetie bubble bars, and the Caridwens Cauldron and Floating Island bath melts.

The bubble bars are cool because you run them under the hot tap and they create bubbles, obviously… and they smell wonderful! These last longer than the melts, although with the Caridwens Cauldron I tend to break this up into smaller pieces and I can usually get four baths from one, you just have to wrap each piece up again in the cloth: I found that there was too much oil from the whole thing.

I went for the floating island and the milky bath together because I didn’t just want an oily bath. The bubble bars don’t work amazingly with the oils, not like with bath bombs (which I don’t personally use). The oil tends to stop the bubbles lasting, but you still get the smell and the water changes colour.


Of course I had to have my peony rose candle from HomeSense to keep me company and my bath is lovely and big and oval, so I can totally submerge myself into the water.

I used to use Decleor micellar oil, which I used religiously to remove makeup but it ran out. Micellar oil is a mix of oil and water to deeply cleanse the pores and it’s great for those of us who like to use water on our faces. I picked this B Pure (below) one up from Superdrug for a few pounds and it’s great! You rub a small amount onto dry skin and then you can either wet your hands and rub (creating a soothing milky solution) and then rinse off, or use a flannel.

I love to use flannels on my face because I feel like my face is just super clean afterwards.

This bottle will last me ages!!


I also use an exfoliating product once a week,  and as a fan of Decleor products this one is fab because it feels like a face mask but instead of rinsing it off, you gently rub it off with your finger tips and it makes your face feel super smooth! You can buy this product here. It is a little on the pricey side, but it lasts you ages! I wouldn’t recommend using it in the bath though, as it won’t dry like it should because the air is too steamy and your skin will be perspiring.

My best friend, Louisa gave me this face mask about a year ago and ask you can see I need a new one as it is almost empty! I must ask her where she got it from. It makes my skin feel lovely afterwards and it doesn’t dry too hard. Sometimes face masks make you feel like you’re made of stone and can’t even talk, but this one doesn’t.

Does anyone else’s bath end up looking like this after?

After I have been in the bath, I like to use even MORE Lush products and I am a huge fan of their Sleepy moisturiser. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to it anywhere on the web, so that suggests that they have stopped doing it. 

I bought some as a gift for my Mom at Christmas time and also picked some up for myself. I remember having a bath when I got home from shopping and putting it on and I was literally falling asleep on the sofa at about 6 pm! Yes, it was fairly early for a bath but in the winter the nights were so dark and I had been walking around Birmingham all day – even though I was shopping!

It smells like a very powdery lavender and I combine it with Mr Sandman, which sadly is also unavailable. Mr Sandman is a dusting powder which you can either use like baby powder, or you can do what I do and I tip some inside my PJ’s and inside my bed clothes and it just enhances the light lavendery smell. The boy has also said that when I am using these products he gets a really good nights sleep too! Bonus!

My next beauty blog will be about my everyday make up routine.

Thanks for reading xo

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