HomeSense Haul

I absolutely ADORE HomeSense!

I often just go there to have a look around to get inspiration. It’s so easy to spend money in there! I am lucky enough to live within a short drive of the one in Solihull.
I needed to go to Pets at Home anyway, as Harvey needed some food, so of course I gravitated in that direction!

I had decided that I needed some vases/candle holders, which I already have a large number of but you can never have too many candles!

I’m a huge fan of Hygge. Odd word I know but the meaning is fab. It’s pronounced “hooga” and I read this post by Harpers Bizarre last year which was lovely and I’ve been obsessed with the concept ever since! It sounds a lot like the English word ‘hug’, which is thought to have Scandinavian roots and defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “to cherish oneself; to keep or make oneself snug”… Lush!!!!

Now I’ve surrounded myself with fluffy blankets and I find I’m enjoying my hot chocolate a lot more (especially with what I bought today)!

Here’s what I bought…

This candle smells DIVINE! I’m normally really fussy with smells, so it takes me an absolute age to find one I like but I picked this one up right away. I did then have to go round sniffing all the other ones just to make sure! Lol. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers, so I was drawn to itimmediately but I can’t remember them smelling that nice! I haven’t lit it yet, so I’m hoping that it gives off the same smell when I do.

I loved this! It love the distressed look and the way it throws the light on the wall, especially when its dark. It’s ideal for a short pillar candle, which I immediately put inside. I wouldn’t hang it up though as the rope doesn’t seem secure round the side but it’s a cute look.

This is a cute little addition. It’s just the right size for a little bunch of flowers (it doesn’t leak, I checked) or as shown here, with an oversized tea light (from wilkos). I love the maxi tea lights, they’re amazing and last so much longer than normal ones!

Maxi tea lights shown here next to a normal sized one (just in case you thought my hand was teeny tiny)

I got this because I love the continued gold/copper look and this has a vintage look to it. It looks amazing with a candle in it but for some reason it burns them super quick! A small pilar candle only lasted a few hours inside it. Strange! It would look amazing with some red or cream roses inside it… Ahem, did you hear that, boy?

Now for the foods… well, okay not so much a “food” but when poured into hot chocolate, this is to… die… for! I’ve always been a fan of hazelnut hot chocolates from Costa (which you’ll soon come to learn is my second home) so I need it in my life on a more permanent (and less costly) basis! No, admittedly it doesn’t taste as nice in low fat hot choc and as I’m a slimming world member, the fact that it’s sugar free works for me!! Anyway, who needs low fat hot chocolate when you’ve been good having the sugar free syrup? That’s MY logic! Better yet, M&S chocolate flavour milk, heated up (preferably with one of those fancy steamers)… … … ….

Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts! 🙂

Okay, bit of an odd addition to my shopping basket and TOTALLY jumping on the bandwagon here but I just had to see what all the fuss is about. Turns out it’s just salt. It’s pink though, which is kind of cool and it’s supposed to be healthy. We’ll see! I might just stick it in my bath? My (other) boy, Harvey had an eye infection so I dissolved some in water and used it as a rinse. I think it helped! The vet actually said that salt water won’t hurt, so feel free to take this advice!

PS – I burned the peony candle… it smells amazing!!

To find your nearest Homesense, click here!

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