Continued Birthday & Mothers Day Celebrations

Friday evenings without the boy are often fairly dull but I do like to mix things up. I decided to treat my Mom to a meal out to continue my birthday celebrations (obviously) and to start the Mother’s Day weekend off.

The first stop was Oktagon in Knowle where we had a couple of gin & tonics. This bar specialises in gin, offering a very extensive selection (certainly too many to drink “one of each” in one night).

Gin O’clock!

Oktagon opened in 2015 and is a Scandinavian bar, coffee shop and pizza place. I keep telling myself I should go and try their pizzas but I haven’t yet!! My brother did some work there in December 2016 before emigrating to New York and he said they were delicious! I will go, I promise!

It was really quite chilly on Friday so we didn’t want to walk too far for food. Fish and chips over the road seemed less spesh and I didn’t fancy the usual, Lloyds Indian Restaurant tonight, although I would recommend a visit!

We ended up popping in to The Red Lion public house, which was just around the corner. Having been chilled to the bone, I was glad of these seats and a nice bottle of fizz!

Prosecco by the fire! Bliss!

Now, normally the menu in places like this doesn’t really thrill me. I’m less inclined to go here (unless it’s a family Sunday lunch) because it just doesn’t seem that interesting. Well… I was wrong! Their new menu is fab and the guy behind the bar was kind enough to recommend a bottle of prosecco because it was only ten pounds (compared to the two other drinks I ordered which would’ve been more expensive).

Mom ordered a belly pork and I had the tender boneless beef rib which was slow cooked, served on bubble and squeak mashed potato with beef dripping and red onion gravy! How nice does that sound! My mouth is watering typing this. It’s only round the corner – I’m off for another one!!

Tender boneless beef rib! Yummmmy!!!!


It was the perfect amount and the taste was to die for* (if you like that type of thing). It was gone in minutes, I must have been hungry!!

If you’re interested in learning more about their menu, check it out here. They’re also going to be serving brunch every day from the end of March! Bonus!

*Since publishing the menu has changed and the sauce is not the same.

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