Foody Chill Days

Whenever I have a few days off work I like to completely chill out. As you’re aware, I’ve just celebrated my birthday and I took Thursday (my actual birthday) and Friday off. I do sometimes have to work weekends, but thankfully not this one so it was a lovely relaxing long weekend!

Me and the boy had some quality time together. He’s lucky that he can work from home if he wants to, although when I’m off he rarely does actually work! Hehe.

On my actual birthday, I had a massage at The Boutique in Knowle which I highly recommend. The girls there along with the sister salon The Hair & Beauty Boutique are so great and friendly, yet highly professional. Lucy Cash is a fantastic colourist.

He then took me for lunch at the Kings Arms. We were too busy chatting and I completely forgot to take a picture of our food.

We had the spicy pizza and the sticky share platter. So delicious!

I was very spoilt for my birthday, I got these amazing gifts:

The boy actually surprised my by getting me an Amazon Echo. I got perfume, Zoella pencils and note books, flowers, a cute coaster (for my prosecco obviously), a bake off book, a makeup case and some money off family. I’m so thankful.

I also took the opportunity in the afternoon to make this cake (I actually prefer to make my own birthday cake)! The boy helped spoon the mixture into the tins after greasing them for me. If you’re after a birthday sponge cake recipe, I’ll have to share it in another blog. I make Swiss buttercream icing!

I ended the day with a large slice and a few prosecco’s! The rest of the cake will be offloaded onto my colleagues on Monday – Remove the temptation!!!’

Friday morning was relaxed again. I made us both a healthy breakfast.

Beans, Mushroom & Spinach Breakfast Recipe


  • Frylight
  • Four slices of wholemeal bread (toasted and buttered)
  • Two handfuls of baby button mushrooms
  • Two handfuls of baby spinach leaves
  • A tin of baked beans
  • A handful of flat leaf parsley
  • Two eggs


Wash the parsley and chop the leaves (I take the harder stalks off). Wash the spinach. Cook the beans in a pan and add the spinach until it wilts. Fry the mushrooms in a pan until golden. I use frylight for all frying, as it is the healthy option….the butter is my only naughtiness.. shhhh! Poach the eggs and toast the bread and butter the slices. Serve as it looks in the picture with the beans and spinach along with the parsley and topped with the mushrooms and egg! Enjoy!


After lunch we popped to Wedges bakery to get some fresh bread and coffee and I couldn’t resist these bad boys! Pineapple cream tarts are my ultimate favourite cake. They used to sell them everywhere in the 90’s and early naughties and then they disappeared until the last few years where you can get them from most good bakeries and more importantly… M&S sell them, which is highly dangerous as I work really close to one!

One of my boys favourite things is a prawn cocktail so I’d been to Sainsbury’s that morning and bought him some prawns so I could make one for our lunch. This doesn’t have a recipe, as I used a jar of seafood sauce (cheating) but if you want to know how I put it together, message me and I’ll let you know. It was very yummy though and we were extra greedy and had a whole tub of prawns EACH!

I topped the evening off with cuddles with my other favourite boy and then a nice bubble bath. Speaking of which, I must do a blog about my favourite bath products!

Thanks for reading! xo

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