Sangria & Painting Event

As part of my birthday week (yes, I unabashedly celebrate for a whole week… sometimes more) I attended a fantastic Sangria and painting event at El Borracho in Edgbaston with my friend, Cheryl.

It was FAB!

Cheryl & me in our fancy red aprons!


The event starts at 6:45pm and you get given a token for a free drink (you can have any drink you like, but we thought it rude not to partake in the Sangria) and it just happened to be “happy hour” so we had another one for good measure! Delicious. Sangria is one of my favourite drinks!

Sangria…. buy one get one free! Love “happy hour”!


The easels were all set up ready for us to begin and I admit it looked a little daunting, but the people were so friendly it was quickly overridden by excitement!

Ready… steady… GO!!


Our tutor was called Louise and she informed us that we were all going to be painting a Caribbean sunset scene with reds and oranges and three palm trees. They brought the painting round for us to look at more closely and take a picture of (for a handy reference). There were  about twenty five or thirty (I didn’t count) people in the class and we were the furthest away so this was helpful!

Caribbean Sunset & Palm Trees


Louise was really good at talking us through step by step, so you’ve no need to worry if you’ve never painted before (or like me, not for a good fifteen to twenty years) as we all felt at ease. They provided us with a red apron, a canvas, three brushes of different sizes, a pallet and of course… paint!!

Tools for the job!


Depending on your level of expertise (or confidence) you could either wait for Louise to give the next instruction, or steam on ahead. It’s totally fine either way. I chose a little of both, as I felt that the instructions weren’t necessarily going to guide me to complete a painting that looked similar to the example painting.

Painting the sky.


One thing I will say is that the pace is quite slow and the thing with acrylic paint is that it dries fairly quickly and you can end up with lines (which are difficult to get rid of) so keep the paint slightly wet so you don’t have any issues.

Cheryl painting her sky.


Louise would walk around the class giving encouragement and advice (and sometimes to help you out).

As you can see above, I had the image on my phone so I could keep looking st it. We were right at the back.

Sangria break!
Setting my line for the horizon (sorry it’s a bit blurred).
Painting in my sun!


The events organiser, Vanessa O’Halloran brought this type of event over from the USA where you’d might have guessed this kind of thing is very popular! Cheryl and I were initially intrigued by it because it’s the type of thing you see in the movies, American sitcoms or even in bigger cities like London. They’re always doing such fun stuff! Facebook is great for events, if you’re interested in doing something a little different, just click on your events and you’ll see a list of what’s going on locally.

Our progress so far!


I found it surprising how I slipped back into painting, considering it’s been such a long time! I did art at GCSE, again at A level, then going on to complete a further year at BTEC level. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

Painting the Palms! (do I look nervous?)


Louise told me I could paint my palms in without waiting for everyone else… scary stuff!! It’s always a bit nerve wracking to paint with such a bold colour. No room for mistakes!!

Louise (the tutor), Cheryl & me
Our finished paintings!


When we’d completed our paintings, there was a break for tapas (my favourite part!). The food was a mix of a few types of paella, patatas bravas, some cheesy mushroom bites, bread and chorizo sausage. Delicious!

Mixed tapas


After food, we had an opportunity to do a few last minute touches to our masterpieces. When you go away and look at it with fresh eyes, you always see something you didn’t see before!


Group shot (Cheryl and me to the far right)


And of course, the group photo (for those wishing to participate). The event was created by Latin Fusion Entertainment so feel free to visit their page on Facebook to see more events, photos a videos of the night. I can’t tell you how impressed we were and how excited I am to be going to the next one on the 18th April!

To see more of Louise’s work or visit her gallery, click here.

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