Introducing Harvey & Our Trip to the Doggy Café

This is my little boy, Harvey. He’s nearly four years old and he’s adorable. I love to take him for long walks (although not too long as he’s only little) and we enjoy going to new places. One of my favourite things is to take him to country pubs where they accept dogs. It’s actually getting more popular now, but finding dog friendly places is quite rare. If you’re a dog owner you’ll agree, there’s nothing more special that your little one being included. 


There’s a café in Warwick where you can take your dog. Yeap, a dog friendly coffee shop! I was amazed when I found it and had to go check it out.
The first time I went there was while I was working on a Saturday a few weeks back and as I was working I didn’t have my little man with me so I just popped in for some treats for him instead and was impressed. 

It is located on Smith Street and there’s ample parking either there or car parks close by (priory car park or St Nichols Park). 

Chiens et Café is fab for dog “food” and their menu is small (but very posh) with choices of meatballs and rice or shepherds pie. They even had decaf tea for the furry friends. I’d recommend going just before or after lunch time as it can get very busy. Not just with dogs, but people who just love dogs but don’t own one so they go there to have a munch. Understandable! It is small though, so do consider this when going. 

I went with my friend, Lucy and her dog, Frank. For us the menu was less fabulous, but we weren’t exactly there for for the cuisine. It was a puppy treat!

Here are ourboys!

While Lucy and I had a toasted sandwich, the boys had one of each meal to try. The food is served on their own little tray with gravy and they even pour it at the table like a proper little Michelin star. It’s so cute! 

Here is Frank tucking in to his shepherds pie, which I personally thought looked so scrummy and by the looks of it, he did too!

Harvey (ever the fuss pot) actually quite liked his dish, but maybe a little less gravy next time! The meatballs however, lasted all of ten seconds!  

For more info on Chiens et Caté, click here. They do a range of accessories by Urban Pup (which is also fab by the way) and they also sell a wide range of treats including liver cake (which went down a treat) and all kinds of biscuits and snacks. They even do beer for dogs (obviously non alcoholic)!!

The meal for both of us and the pups came to just over £20.00, which is really reasonable and they’re always super friendly in there. 

Of course they are, dog people are the BEST!!

Thanks for reading. 

Chelle xo

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