Manhattan Perceptions

As you are aware from my last blog, I spent last week in New York visiting my brother who moved to Manhattan recently. It was my first time in the US as an adult and my first time staying in Manhattan itself, so there were a lot of first impressions. Of course there was a... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Lie – Review

You might have already gathered that as you read this I am in New York. I feel rather excited while writing this, as I am sat at my desk at home and my trip is actually in two weeks. I went through rather a speedy binge of books on Audible, so I scheduled them all... Continue Reading →

The Keeper of Lost Things – Review

The recent trend of psychological thrillers was punctuated by this choice: The Keeper of Lost Things, written ┬áby Ruth Hogan and narrated by Jane Collingwood and Sandra Duncan. Ruth Hogan is such an interesting writer, her style is unique. She is clearly a fan of alliteration, which was included regularly throughout the book. It made... Continue Reading →

I Let You Go – Review

After reading Clare Macintosh's second novel, I just had to read her debut and it did not disappoint. It was narrated by David Thorpe and Julia Barry and they both did a pretty good job, but out of the two I did prefer Julia's role more. Her voice is just so creamy. Odd word to... Continue Reading →

May 2017 Favourites

For my May Favourites (admittedly a little late), I've picked: New Look Shape & Define Eyebrow Kit. I love this, New Look has some awesome make up and I have heard (I don't know how true this is) that they get their make up from the same manufacturer as Mac. That's got to be good,... Continue Reading →

The Couple Next Door – Review

The Couple Next Door, written by Shari Lapena and narrated by Kirsten Potter. I found this one difficult to get into at first due to the slightly grating voice of  Kirsten, but I soon got used to it. After listening to quite a few British authors of late, it was a contrast to an American one... Continue Reading →

Vintage Girls Day

My friend Cheryl arranged a vintage salon day at Le Keux Vintage Salon in the Custard factory, Birmingham back in February and the day finally arrived after months of group whatsapp messages sharing dress and hair style ideas. Cheryl had been a couple of times before so she already knew what to expect. The place... Continue Reading →

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